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Watch entire movie
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See the complete 32 minute film by purchasing a 2 day password which will allow you to see this original unique film for only $3.99. That's right, it's Four bucks, the same amount that you spend on a gallon of gas, a double latte or something else that you don't even think about.

Why are we charging you four bucks? This is how we make our living. You've got a job and you make money. This is our job. A lot of time and effort went into producing this film and when we make money, we get to make more gripping intriguing original films that are about things that really matter. Besides we have to pay the company that hosts our video so you can see it.

We give the musicians a portion of your four bucks so they can keep making music and doing the things that they love. Our goal is to inspire you to do what you love so spread the wealth and plop down the four bucks. You've seen the trailer, you've read this far, time to make the commitment.

Any other questions? Read our FAQ section but basically if you were able to see the trailer, then you can view the film. We use the latest secure server to keep your information safe and secure and we aren't going to sell your information to sleazy marketers. If we did, then you wouldn't come back and see more of our films or recommend us to your friends, family and co-workers. So what are you waiting for?!

We are real people making real movies. Join us!

Watch entire movie now for only $3.99

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What happens when you order.

1. When you order and pay for your film, you will be e-mailed a unique 8 character password.

2. You will use your e-mail address as your login and this password to allow you to see the film. Please note that your password is only good for 2 days.

3. You will be able to view in online immediately on your computer.

It is that easy!


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