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Here are the details of how our affiliate program works.
Our goal is to make this very simple, straight forward and easy.

You must have seen the film to refer people. You will need to enter your Customer/Shopper ID: as well as your last name.

For each person that you refer with your special code from this link that purchases a DVD or a password to view our film, you will receive $1.00. Payments are made to your e-mail address with paypal. Certain fees may apply that we have no control over with paypal but generally speaking that are very reasonable. Most of the time there aren't any fees to receive money. If there are, those fees will come out of your commission. For more information about paypal and their fee structure click here.

Once you have referred 50 people who have purchased our film, you will get paid. Payments happen on or by the 5th of each month. You will not get paid until you have reached the 50 person threshold, otherwise we'll be spending all our time sending out checks for $1.00 and won't have time to make films. Once you have referred 50 people, you will get paid on the following month.

If you refer more then 600 people in a calender year, you will be required to fill out a W9 form and send it to us via e-mail or fax. Sorry we have no control over that.

You may send anyone you want this link as long as you know the person. Please do not Spam people. We don't spam, you hate spam, we hate spam so unless your talking about eating spam, don't do it!

If you do not use the special code from this link, we have no way of knowing that you referred anyone so you won't get paid for that referral.

Sending it on a blog, Twitter, Facebook, or just want to make the link shorter? (At this time tinyurl won't work on MySpace).
1. Copy the long link above.
2. Visit
3. Paste the link into the text box and click the Make TinyURL! Button.
4. Finally paste your new shorter link (tinyurl) into your personalized messages on MySpace, Facebook, your newsletter, your blog or wherever you want.


Now be creative and go make some money!






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